Health & Well-being

Good heath and well-being while living with dementia is important just as it is for everyone. Dementia can affect all aspects of a person’s life and as the disease progresses they will need more help and support in all aspects of daily living.

This section looks at how family, friends and carers can help and support a person living with dementia to continue to feel valued and involved, promoting their well-being. It also looks at what support can be given to maintain a healthy lifestyle including:

Eating & drinking

Information on some of the issues people with dementia face in getting a balanced diet, the consequences of not eating and drinking properly and what can be done to help and support someone with dementia to continue to enjoy their diet.

Specialised plates, with deep inner wall to aid one handed eating & scooping of food and easy grip cutlery can help people with advancing dementia eat independently for longer.

Bathing & personal hygiene

Information on some of the barriers to personal hygiene, the consequences caused and what can be done to help support people to maintain a personal hygiene regime.

Bath handles can be used to help people feel safer getting into and out of the bath. Dry shampoo is available when a bath is not an option!!

Toileting & incontinence

Information on why using the toilet can become difficult for people with dementia, often leading to accidents.  The consequences of incontinence and poor hygiene and what can be done to help and support people with dementia to use the toilet and maintain their dignity.

Toilet frames are useful for people with mobility issues and can help people get onto/off the toilet. Clear signage can also be used to help people locate the bathroom more easily.