A selection of my favourite photo’s of Mum, from both before and after she became ill with DLB. My hero!!!

My beautiful Mum as a bridesmaid.
At a family wedding.
Taken in Filey in 2007. Mum always loved the sea.
A day out in Leeds. Mum always loved going for a lunchtime drink!
This was taken on the 18th December 2013, the day she moved into Rivermead Care Home. Her whole world had changed and yet she still managed a lovely smile.
Dementia with Lewy bodies
Taken in May 2015, Mum modeling a new cardigan she had received for her birthday.
Lewy body dementia
Taken on her birthday in May 2016. Sadly her last birthday before she died.
I love this picture, it took me ages to get Mum to smile into the mirror.
Lewy body diseases
This was taken in August 2016, a month before she died. She was very poorly at this point but she still managed a cuddle.

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