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There are many available dementia care products to help people living with dementia manage day to day activities.

Dementia care products to aid people manage day to day activities. 

Some of the most basic tasks of daily living became very difficult very quickly for Mum. One area where we struggled was bathing & personal hygiene as Mum became reluctant to have a bath or shower.  This is a common problem as many people with dementia become afraid of water and particularly don’t like water on their face.

What we were not aware off is that you can buy ‘Towel off shampoo, body wash and wipes – no water needed.

Another area that becomes difficult for people living with dementia is eating & drinking. While this wasn’t a problem for Mum while she was still living at home, as the disease progressed it became more of an issue. Drinking was difficult for Mum as she had a ‘hand tremor’ so would often spill and she had problems with hand to mouth co-ordination so would often lift the cup to her mouth and miss. The 2 handled mug below can help a person with dementia hold the cup more steadily and in the later stages of the disease feeding cups can help to avoid spillages. 

People with dementia also struggle to get food onto their knife / fork or spoon in the later stages of the disease, as they tend to just push the food across the plate. In the care home where Mum lived they had plate surrounds which makes it easier to load the fork / spoon and stops the food dropping off the edge of the plate. They also had cutlery that is easier to grip. 

Finally in the late stages of dementia, toileting & incontinence becomes an inevitable problem. To help manage this there are a range of waterproof mattress protectors and waterproof / wipe clean duvet covers available. 

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