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Dementia friendly products.

One of the main symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease is memory lapses and forgetfulness. Mum had dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) and although memory usually remains fairly intact for people with DLB, Mum was forever losing things (or rather putting them somewhere safe!). To help with this problem, there are locator devices available that can be attached to keys for example. 

From very early in her illness Mum also struggled with time and date orientation. She was forever asking what day it was and if she had a doctors appointment scheduled she would become highly agitated and worried in case she missed the appointment. A calendar and day clock would have been ideal for Mum as it clearly tells you the day, date and time.

Another problem for Mum was making sure she took her pills on time. In the early days of her illness Mum would insist on managing herself but would get very mixed up. Another device that would have been invaluable is a pillbox alarm which is set to remind a person with dementia to take their pills. 

People living with dementia can also struggle to use the telephone as they cannot remember telephone numbers. Another great product is telephones with pictures of loved ones, who can be dialled at the push of a button.


And finally under this section, as dementia progresses, people can find it more difficult to navigate around the home. For example they may forget where the bathroom is and navigation signs are available to highlight key rooms. These signs were used in the care home where Mum lived and were really useful in helping her find her way around. 

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