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In the early days of Mum’s illness, while she was still living at home, Mum became highly agitated and would often rush out of the house, before we could stop her, and get herself lost. Often when we finally managed to track her down she would be confused, frightened and distressed and it was heartbreaking to witness.

Dementia safety products.

During the course of Mum’s illness I have come across three devices which would have been invaluable in managing this problem. Firstly pressure mats, which you can place in doorways, which alert you if someone has left a room or the house. These pressure mats were used in the care home where Mum spent her final 3 years and were placed next to her bed so staff were alerted when she woke up and got out of bed.

Secondly identity bracelets can be worn which include key information like name and contact details. These are useful if your loved one is no longer able to find their way home or remember their telephone number.

And finally personal GPS trackers which can enable you to find someone quickly. If we had been aware of these products sooner they would not only have kept Mum safe but they would also have lifted some of the pressure and burden from us as it got to the point where Mum couldn’t be left alone. These devices would have allowed us to leave Mum alone for short periods of time (in the earlier stage of her illness), safe in the knowledge that if she did leave the house, we would have been alerted and would have been able to find her quickly.

Another great product is a sensor device with a pressure release mechanism that ensures that excess water is released down the plug hole prior to flooding.  In addition the device changes colour between 32 – 41 degree C as a warning that water may be too hot. While I have never used one of these devices, I came across it while researching for this page and it seems like a great idea.

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