Category: Information about dementia

Information about dementia from the Just Be Dementia Friendly archives. For more information visit the following sections of the website:

Dementia overview 

A section which includes an overview of dementia and the diseases that cause the disease.

Facts about dementia

A section which looks at some more in depth information about dementia including information on the early signs of dementia, young on-set dementia and hereditary dementia.

About the Just Be Dementia Friendly website

Following our Mum’s illness and subsequent death from dementia with Lewy bodies, I started the ‘Just Be Dementia Friendly’ campaign to raise awareness about dementia in general but specifically about Lewy body dementia.

This website includes lots of information about dementia but also includes the story of our journey with Mum throughout her illness.

In addition to creating this website, I have also written a book charting our journey, which includes all the key information you will need if you or a loved one is affected by a Lewy body dementia. Information, sadly, we often learnt far to late.


I have also created the Just Be Dementia Friendly Facebook page.

I hope you find the information included on this website useful.