– Fundraising – Yorkshire’s 3 Peak’s.

Since 2015 my sister and I have attended the Alzheimer’s Societies Memory Walks to raise money for the charity.

In 2018, rather than completing a (rather short) Memory Walk we are going to complete the 3 Peak’s walk in Yorkshire. The route is 24-miles long, and takes on the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough (1,585m of ascent).

And instead of raising money for Alzheimer’s Society we are going to raise money for the Lewy Body Society, as Mum suffered from dementia with Lewy bodies.

The Lewy Body Society


The Lewy Body Society is a charity registered in England and Wales (number 1114579) and in Scotland (SC047044) whose mission is to fund research into Lewy body dementia (LBD) and to raise awareness of the disease.


As one of the key missions for the Lewy Body Society is to fund research into Lewy body dementia, we are keen to raise as much money as possible, to help understand the disease much better, and ultimately find a cure.

You can sponsor us via our Just Giving page.

One of the reason’s we decided to do the 3 Peak’s challenge is because it is just that – a real challenge (and may possibly kill me!!!), and if you are generous enough to sponsor us, we wanted to do something that really pushed us in return.

We are aiming to complete the walk in the summer of 2018 (the exact date will depend on the weather conditions) and I will post regular updates of our training regime below.

D-Day Success!!

Although our training plan hadn’t really gone to plan on Saturday the 30th June we decided to make an attempt at completing the 3 Peak’s. We didn’t broadcast that we were going to make the attempt, safe in the knowledge that if we failed we could try again.

We started walking at 6am and it was already fairly warm so we knew it was going to be a hot day. There were 2 big charity events taking place so it was really busy but everyone was in good spirits and it was a nice atmosphere.

We started fairly well and we had completed our first peak Pen-y-ghent, and were ready to attempt the second by 10am. But by this time it was starting to get really hot and we were already starting to flag. But we battled on and had completed Whernside and were at the bottom of Ingleborough by 2.30ish. The last peak was really tough, but by this time we knew that if we didn’t complete the walk, it would be really hard mentally to make a second attempt so we plodded on.

Anyone who has completed the 3 Peak’s will know that the hardest part is the descent down Ingleborough and back to the start point, a walk which seems to go on forever. By this point everyone was absolutely knackered and when we came upon a sign informing us that it was still 2.5 miles back to the start, one woman sat down, burst into tears and informed her husband that she couldn’t go any further!!

But I am proud to say that we did it – we completed the 3 Peak’s, so far raising £445.00 for The Lewy Body Society. I can also say, with certainty, that it was the first and last time that I will be completing the 3 Peak’s.

Dementia Fundraising
A long line of walkers ascending Ingleborough.

Training Regime

12th May 2018 – Whernside & Ingleborough

Lately, every time we planned a training walk it was either chucking it down with rain or snowing so our training plan hasn’t really gone to plan!! In view of the fact that we aim to complete the 3 Peak’s challenge in June/July i.e. in the next 2/3 months we thought we better step up a gear and so set off yesterday to try and walk 2 of the 3 peaks eekk!!

Although I was dubious about how we would get on, all in all it went quite well. We managed Whernside quite easily and then set off towards Ingleborough. The path up Ingleborough is quite narrow in parts and it was really busy with people who all seemed to be heading in the opposite direction to us. We made it about two thirds of the way up and then decided to turn round, partly because we were starting to flag and partly because we were starting to get agitated with having to stop every two minutes to let people past (some people have absolutely no consideration for others!).

However even though we didn’t quite manage 2 peak’s, by the time we had walked back to the car, we had walked for 22 miles (according to Kate’s gadget). The total 3 Peak’s challenge route is 24 miles so I am now feeling much more confident that we will make it (that’s assuming you trust Kate’s gadget and I have my doubts).

All I need to do now is toughen up my feet. Massive blister’s on every toe and my little toe has actually turned black, not sure why because I have had my walking boots for years, need to start stocking up on plasters me thinks.

Fundraising for the Lewy body society

03rd February 2018 – Leeds to Liverpool canal

We planned to walk up Ingleborough for our third training walk, which is the only peak neither Kate or myself have tackled yet. However it was snowing when I set off, with more snow forecast, and following our fairly traumatic experience up Penygent (see below) we decided against it.

So instead we took a stroll along the Leeds to Liverpool canal. Initially we planned to walk from Keighley to Skipton but after a couple of miles the towpath became very muddy so we turned round and set off towards Saltaire. Walked a total of 10 miles and we were both beginning to flag towards the end.

Conclusion – If we can’t walk 10 miles along a flat path we haven’t a hope in hell of walking 24 miles including 3 mountains. Need to up our training regime, which I will commence once my blisters have cleared up!!!!

06th January 2018 – Penygent

Second training session was a 6.6 mile walk up Penygent. It was a lovely clear day but very cold and when we arrived we could see that there was snow at the top. Undeterred we set off and all was well until we reached the scramble near the top. It was very icy so difficult to get a foot hold. We managed the first scramble, when it started to snow so we slightly lost our way and ended up rock climbing over some huge boulders some of which were loose! The final scramble was what I would describe as very dangerous but by that point it was safer to carry on then turn round so we had to persevere.

By the time we reached the top there was a blizzard blowing and I had lost all feeling in my hands. I now know what it must be like to climb Everest and had I not committed to doing this challenge I would probably never climb a Mountain (well Peak) again!!

Thank God we are doing this challenge in June as I am certainly never going to climb a Mountain/Peak in the snow again!!!

Fundraising for dementia
Snow on top of Penygent.
11th November 2017 – Whernside

First training session was a 8.4 mile walk up Whernside from the Ribblehead Viaduct. It was a lovely day and the climb up wasn’t too bad but the descent played havoc with my knees. At this point there is no way on earth I could have continued on to walk a further 16 miles and 2 Peak’s. Slight panic and increase in training sessions planned. Too shell shocked to add any further comments!!!!

October 2017

I haven’t started one yet!!!

My sister has started walking at least 6km a day, which she aims to do for 30 days (she always was a swot!!!)

We are also going to walk one of the 3 Peak’s on Saturday 11th November so if we survive that I will post an update.

Walking in Memory of Mum

Lewy Body Dementia
Walking in memory of our lovely Mum.

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