– Fundraising – Memory Walks.

Since Mum got ill, my sister and I started attending the Alzheimer’s Societies fundraising Memory Walks. This page follows our efforts as we try to raise as much money as possible, which to date stands at £450.00.

Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer’s Society is a registered Charity No. 296645. Each year they hold a number of Memory Walks around the country to raise money to fund new research and provide support to more people.

Below is a summary of how the money raised is used to change the lives of those living with dementia and their families. 

£50 will help for a PhD researcher to continue research into the causes of dementia, how it can be treated and ultimately find a cure.

£100 could fund the equipment and resources needed for 3 days of a dementia researcher’s vital investigations.

£250 could teach a group of 10 MP’s vital information about dementia in a Dementia Friends session in parliament.

£500 could pay for 700 copies of the Alzheimer’s Societies new Understanding Your Diagnosis booklets, helping those recently diagnosed with dementia understand more about the condition and how to come to terms with some of the feeling they may be having.

£1000 could pay for Alzheimer’s Society to run an indoor stand on their Dementia Community Roadshow for a week, allowing them to reach a range of people affected by dementia and provide them with important information on living with the condition

Memory Walks

2017 – Total raised = £200.

We completed the walk on a lovely sunny day at Temple Newsam in Leeds (although it was a bit muddy in parts). The day was especially poignant as it was nearly a year to the day since Mum had passed away, so after our walk we went into Leeds and raised a glass to Mum.

There we over 4000 people there on the day, which just goes to show just how many people are affected by dementia.

Below are some pictures of the day, including one of Ashley from Emmerdale handing out medals at the finish line (for those of you who don’t know Ashley is a character on a British soap opera who portrayed a person with Vascular dementia).

Alzheimer's fundraising
Ashley from Emmerdale handing out medals at the finish line.

You can still donate to Alzheimer’s Society on my Just Giving page.

2016 – Total raised = £80.

We were registered to complete the 2016 walk on the 24th September again in Leeds. Unfortunately however Mum was gravely ill at the time and we took the decision not to complete the walk and instead stayed at Mum’s bedside. Turns out it was the right decision as Mum sadly died 2 days later, although I still managed to raise £80.

2015 – Total raised = £170.

This was the first walk that my sister and I completed on the 05th September in Leeds. It was a lovely day with a really good atmosphere and we thoroughly enjoyed the walk and committed to doing it the following year.

Alzheimer's Societies Memory Walks
Kate leaving a message for Mum on the Memory Tree.

Alzheimer's Society
I am very proud of my first Memory Walk medal.



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