Raising awareness about Lewy body dementia

Mum’s illness has had a profound effect on my life and as a result, I am now dedicated to raising awareness about dementia in general but in particular, I am passionate about raising awareness about dementia with Lewy bodies.

Before Mum got ill I was fairly ignorant about dementia and I had never even heard of dementia with Lewy bodies. I believe that had I been more aware of what to expect we could have made our journey through Mum’s illness much easier on all of us, especially Mum.

The story of our journey, including key information about dementia with Lewy bodies

To help raise awareness and share all the information I have learnt, I have written a book ‘Same Destination … Different Journey’ which charts our journey with Mum and the impact it had on our family. It also contains all the key information you will need if you or a loved one is affected by a Lewy body dementia.

Products designed to raise awareness about dementia

Throughout Mums journey I was inspired by various circumstances to create a range of designs to raise awareness about dementia. Click here to read about what inspired each design.

These designs can be added to products, such as t-shirts and bags, provided by a company called Spreadshirts.

The designs are also available on t-shirts and sweatshirts at Amazon. Click here for US Customers – and click here for UK Customers –

Raising awareness about Lewy body dementia

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