Books about dementia

Before Mum got ill I had no previous experience of dementia and my view was rather ignorant and probably very stigmatised.

When Mum first became ill I remember feeling completely overwhelmed. I didn’t understand her symptoms and didn’t know how to deal with her changes in behaviour. I now realise that, although I was trying to help, in the early days my response probably exasperated much of the behaviour I found most difficult to deal with.

Because of the profound impact that Mum’s illness had on my life, and because of my early ignorance, I have written a book of our families journey, which has helped me deal with the overwhelming feelings of grief and loss. The book also contains key information about dementia with Lewy bodies, information I wish I had known much sooner.

There are currently 47.5 million people suffering from dementia worldwide and this figure is set to increase. Below are some books containing useful information that will help if you or someone you love is affected by dementia.

Books about dementia 

Books about Lewy body dementia

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