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To raise awareness, reduce stigma and help promote a dementia friendly society, I have created a range of designs which can be added to products such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and accessories, provided by Spreadshirt. Click here to visit the ‘Just Be Dementia Friendly’ Shop. 

The designs are also available on t-shirts and sweatshirts at Amazon. Click here for US Customers – Amazon.com and click here for UK Customers – Amazon.co.uk.

Read below what inspired me to create each design.

Just Be Dementia Friendly

Following a number of trips out with Mum, I  created this design to highlight her condition to those who comment and stare if her behaviour was unusual, in the hope that she was then treated with the dignity and respect she deserved.

Dementia friendly productsDementia friendly products 2

Dementia Doesn’t Discriminate

I created this design to highlight that dementia does not care about background, education or status. If you have a brain then you are at risk of developing dementia and therefore every single one of us are at risk. It could happen to you or someone you love.

Dementia productsDementia products 2

The Many Faces of Dementia

Many people still think that dementia = Alzheimer’s = memory loss, so this design is to highlight that there are many different types of dementia. Another key message is that in the early stages of the disease, the symptoms differ greatly depending on the type of dementia and become more similar as the disease progresses. So while with every type of dementia, you end up in the same place, the journey to the later stages of the disease is very different for each type.

Products for people with dementiaProducts for people with dementia 2

Reducing the Stigma of Dementia

I remember when Mum first got ill her saying ‘everyone treats me differently now’ which they probably did and was truly heartbreaking. As a result Mum very quickly lost her confidence, creating a downward spiral. This design is to raise awareness and reduce stigma so people will understand that the longer you see ‘the person’ and not ‘the disease’, the longer people with dementia can retain their confidence and sense of self.

Dementia products shopDementia products shop 2

Lewy Body Dementia

Before Mum got ill I had never even heard of Lewy body dementia. I didn’t understand the symptoms or how they differed to Alzheimer’s and was totally unprepared to deal with the array of symptoms we were faced with from very early in her illness. This design is to raise awareness about the two types of Lewy body dementias and some of the main distinguishing features.

Things to buy for dementia patientsThings to buy for dementia patients 2

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